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What is design through the eyes of a buyer?

This "package", under which goods are sold. The ease of reading the information. In the end, it is a style that can like absolute majority or not. Often, under similar parameters, it is design that is a decisive selection criterion for buyers.

What is design through the eyes of the seller?

It is a tool that helps the company make sales. Design implies a corporate style, it carries the attributes of your brand, affects the recognition of the brand. Professional approach to design allows you to highlight your key advantages over your competitors and communicate this information to the client.

How many people pay attention to the design?

In the World more than 65% people are visuals – they perceive information and make decisions based on their visual impressions. If the client liked what your product looks like and how information is delivered on it - it's your customer and he will make a purchase from you.

Design Studio Paolo Vetlucci has 10 years of experience developing the most innovative solutions in the field of polygraphy and web design. Our mission is a graphic report to the buyers about the benefits of companies, products and services to our customers. We work in the sphere of ensuring the correct emotional perception of the information by the client – and we're good at it.

Here are our services through which we are pleased to offer you cooperation:




  • text logo: 2 working days, price is 150 €
  • iconic logo (emblem): 3 working days, price is 200 €
  • combined logo (+ text): 4 working days, price is 250 €





  • one-sided business card: 2 working days, price is 50 €
  • double-sided business card: 3 working days, price is 75 €




  • flyer: 2 working days, price from 75 €
  • leaflet: 3 working days, price from 100 €
  • booklet: 4 working days, price from 175 €





  • the first and last turns of the catalog or brochure (4 pages): 3 working days, price is 150 €
  • internal page of catalogue or brochure: 2 working days, price is 25 € / page




  • developed for the customer canvas size: 3 working days, price is 150 €





  • landing page (up to 4 screens): 3 working days, price is 200 € + 50 € / each additional screen
  • business card website (up to 5 pages): 4 working days, price is 250 €
  • catalog website (up to 10 pages): 7 working days, price is 350 € + 25 € / each additional page
  • online store (up to 15 pages): 10 working days, price is 450 € + 25 € / each additional page
  • static banner: 2 working days, price is 50 €




  • group (page) design on Facebook, Twitter, Google+: 2 working days, price is 75 € / each





  • corporate or newsletter template: 2 working days, price is 75 €


We are sure that our cooperation will be fruitful. Just contact us!

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. © Steve Jobs
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