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Many website and online store owners are more likely to focus exclusively on the catalog of products and offers, and do not pay due attention to the creation of high-quality content. However, the number of visitors coming from the search directly depends on the content, thanks to keywords in the articles. The content is able to push to the target action, which will improve the behavioral factors, and therefore the position in the search and profit of the project. That is why the constant updating of content is one of the main postulates on which the development and support of the website is built.

Duplicating of content is one of the key reasons for the low ranking of the website by search engines. The presence on the resource pages of completely identical pages or pages that repeat the others on the Internet is perceived by search robots as garbage. In an effort to avoid unnecessary waste of resources on such useless pages, search robots ignore them, reduce ratings or even impose sanctions, leading to low positions on promoted requests. This should be understood by any webmaster, copywriter or websites development studio, otherwise all the aspirations to promote the site and the money spent on it will go for nothing.

Bounce rate is not only an indicative metric that determines the conversion of customers and affects the efficiency of sales, but also an important indicator of the site's ranking, which is taken into account when ranking. This indicator reflects the percentage of users who are not too interested in the resource and who visit no more than one page of the project. The reasons for increasing the bounce rates can be a lot and all of them should be taken into account by any web studio engaged in the creation and promotion of the resource.

To achieve the top positions of the search results in Google an important point, without which turnkey site development and promotion can not do, is not only internal, but also external optimization. After all, placing external links on third-party web resources is one of the key ranking factors that allow search engines to understand that your resource is interesting to users, is discussed and relevant.

However, in the era of the importance of behavioral factors, many optimizers try to unleash the project as quickly as possible and reach the TOP-10 in the first months of operation. Haste in such cases leads to errors that promise a slowdown in the process of external optimization and even falling under the sanction of search engines.

To date, many entrepreneurs use social networks to promote their products or services. The effectiveness of this method is confirmed by more than 90% of marketers, and consider this an important component, without which the development of modern websites, their development and optimization should not be bypassed. Many beginners because of ignorance of the algorithm of working with social networking tools can not achieve the desired result.

Most of the wrong actions are committed even when creating an account and at the very beginning of its promotion. It is important to start working on errors in time and fix all the flaws.

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