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To date, every self-respecting company has on the Internet its own website or even a few - targeted to various tasks and audience of customers. Well - developed website is a powerful sales tool of company, increasing brand awareness, contributing to the expansion zone of presence in both local and international market.

What is hosting?

Is your site ready? For its successful functioning, you will need hosting - a service for placing your site files on a remote server or a group of servers united in the cloud, constantly connected to the Internet.

What are requirements for hosting?

  • your site should be accessible from anywhere in the world
  • should work without hang-ups, failures and errors
  • to withstand the jumps of visits after email - dispatches and other advertising campaigns
  • must be protected from hacker attacks
  • must be safe for clients

Which hosting to choose?

Omitting issues of performance, any hosting is divided into two types:

  • shared
  • managed

Shared hosting:

Is the most common and cheapest solution to the functioning of a site on the Internet. Questions on managing of shared hosting are assigned to client. Must have good knowledge of configuring such protocols and components, as SSH, SSL, NGINX, PHP-FPM, MySQL, SMTP, IMAP and others. Not forgetting about security for customers and protection from hacker attacks and viruses. Companies, using shared hosting, are forced to hire a specialist in their staff who is proficient in this knowledge.

Managed hosting:

It is a «turnkey» solution with all the professionally made settings for the successful functioning of your company's website (s).

What do we offer?

Our company offers you Vetlucci Hosting - perhaps the best solution in the field of managed hosting of websites, based on the integration into the cloud of a group of our servers located around the world to distribute the load across countries and maximize the responsiveness of our customers websites to requests of visitors.

Vetlucci Hosting - is:

  • our fastest servers running in a single cloud
  • working capacity of our clients websites 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • availability of sites from anywhere in the world, without locks by local providers
  • work of sites without hang-ups, failures and errors on the part of hosting
  • processing of up to 50 000 visitors requests per second for each site
  • total security for visitors:
    • sites of our clients work exclusively on a secure https protocol
    • highest level of crypto protection and personal SSL certificate for every site of our client
    • full virus protection with the latest server antivirus with a daily updated antivirus database
  • protection against hacker attacks:
    • DoS and DDoS attacks
    • SQL and PHP injections
    • file injections and exploits
    • protection from password guessing
    • protection of access to databases and control panels of websites

And the main thing - forget that you need to set something up. You pay for hosting and we do everything ourselves. Professionally, quickly, reliably.

Tariffs for Vetlucci Hosting:

  • placement of one site on the hosting: 300 € / year
    • size limitations of a website: none
    • traffic limitations: none
    • resources for a site work: dynamic allocation considering a loads
  • secure access to a site's database: free of charge
  • full backup of a site on client's request: free of charge
  • full database backup on client's request: free of charge
  • issuing an encrypted SSL certificate and installing on the site: free of charge
  • configuring access to corporate email through the Gmail interface: free of charge
    • email address uses the domain name of a client's site: @
    • number of mailboxes for domain name of a client: no restrictions
    • easy and convenient way to access email from anywhere and from any device
    • checking email from your phone using the Gmail app
  • placement of two sites on the hosting: 10% discount
  • placement of three sites on the hosting: 15% discount
  • placement of four sites and more on the hosting: 20% discount
  • one-time hosting payment for 2 years: 25% discount
  • discounts for number of sites and one-time payment for 2 years: summed up

Vetlucci Hosting Features:

  • total number of cores in the cloud: 50 CPU Intel® Xeon®
  • total clock frequency of the cloud: 120 GHz
  • total amount of RAM: 256 GB
  • volume of solid-state drives: 6000 GB
  • type of used drives: 100% SSD

Terms of placement on cloud hosting:

  • minimum period of placement on Vetlucci Hosting: 1 year
  • period of data preservation after the expiry of the paid period and absence of payment for the next period: 1 month

Payment of Vetlucci Hosting:

  • according to the invoice, to the account of our company or to a card
  • invoice for payment for the hosting renewal is sent within the last month of the paid period

Hosting setup: immediately after the payment receipt, within one working day from the moment of the domain name's delegation to the NS-address of our hosting.

Access to the hosting: in order to provide increased security of hosting, FTP - and SSH - access to the managed hosting - are not provided. Any operations with databases of sites made by clients through the control panel on an individual secure channel access. When ordering a site in the Paolo Vetlucci company - access to the control panel of the site is also carried out on an individual protected from attacks and hacking channel.

How to delegate my site to Vetlucci Hosting?

To delegate the domain name of your website to our cloud hosting, just go to your personal account on the domain name registrar site where you bought the domain, go to the DNS zone management section and change existing NS records to new:

All other settings on our hosting - we will do ourselves. Please keep in mind that updating the NS records for the new location of your site on all servers in the world takes up to 72 hours. After that, the site of your company will be available from anywhere on the planet.

We are sure that you will like our cloud hosting. Waiting for you among our clients!

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