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Today, the need to provide remote protected access to files of your company from anywhere on the planet is higher than ever. Vetlucci Cloud is a functional and secure cloud storage for effective remote management of your files.

How does cloud storage work?

Vetlucci Cloud is a network of its own dedicated servers functioning within a single cloud in the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Your storage is your personal space on a cloud server that expands elastically as your needs for more information grow.

Is it safe such storage?

All files transferred by you to Vetlucci Cloud are encrypted on the server side by 256-bit AES encryption and on the browser side by 256-bit SSL encryption. Thus, we have completely taken care of the safety of your data.

Can viruses get to me?

For security of transmitted data within the Vetlucci Cloud, carried out the internetwork screen (Firewall or as it is called in Germany – the Brandmauer), as well as the latest server antivirus, with a daily updated anti-virus database.

Where can I access the cloud?

Access to the Vetlucci Cloud is possible from anywhere in the World, where there is Internet. You can go to your personal storage through a desktop computer, laptop, tablet and even a smartphone. Simply enter in the address bar of your browser:

Access to the cloud storage is carried out exclusively with the secure https protocol, which guarantees the privacy and security of all data transmitted by you.

Your opportunities within the Vetlucci Cloud:

  • you can create directories and subdirectories of any nesting
  • change their names, move and delete them
  • upload files of any size (within the limits of your tariff) and any formats
  • download previously uploaded files (either individually or as a whole zip archive)
  • share access to selected directories and individual files
  • share links to selected directories and individual files
  • set permissions for access to selected directories and individual files:
    • read-only
    • allow uploading and editing
    • storage (only for receiving files)
    • password protection (selected directories or files)
    • set the calendar period for public access to selected directories or files
  • create working and public groups, invite their colleagues and clients

Tariffs for access to the Vetlucci Cloud:

  • 25 GB storage, price is 300 € / year
  • 1 GB of extra space, price is 12 € / year
  • 50 GB storage: 10% discount
  • 100 GB storage: 15% discount
  • 150 GB storage: 20% discount
  • one-time storage payment for 2 years: 25% discount
  • discounts for volume and one-time payment for 2 years: summed up

Terms of placement on the cloud storage:

  • minimum period of access to Vetlucci Cloud: 1 year
  • period of data preservation after the expiry of the paid period and absence of payment for the next period: 1 month

Payment for access to the cloud:

  • according to the invoice, to the account of our Studio or to a card
  • invoice for payment for the renewal of access to Vetlucci Cloud is sent within the last month of the paid period

Access to the storage: immediately after the payment receipt, a letter with the login data is sent to your e-mail. The password for the entry is temporary and it is possible to change it immediately after accessing the Vetlucci Cloud, within of your personal cabinet.

We are sure that you will like our service. Waiting for you!

Want to try out the functionality of Vetlucci Cloud from the inside?

Just go to our demo repository at the following link:

Vetlucci Cloud Demo

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