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Every day, employees of your company send hundreds of emails to your customers. From the stylistic design of the letter depends on whether it is read, and the content is positively received. If you do not want your letter to be deleted due to the recipient's lack of interest in reading - the letter template must be properly arrange.

The corporate letter template should reflect the corporate style of your company and increase brand awareness. Any letter with a well-designed template has a secret advantage – it works as your secret sales agent. Even when you are engaged in a written dialogue with the client, not related to sales - the corporate letter template still works for sale, remaining in the subconscious of the recipient in the form of advertising of your brand. When a customer has a real need to buy a product - he remembers your brand.

In addition, template letters, designed in a single style for all staff is professional and this raises your authority in the eyes of the customer. The availability of thematic templates is actively encouraged, each of which has its own task - a separate template for the company's news, separate for sales, its own for the service department, and likewise for the secretariat, accounting and legal department. In such templates, the corporate style elements and design are identical, but the function performed is different.

Design Studio Paolo Vetlucci offers you our experience in the development of design email templates. With our templates, every letter will get right on target, ensuring the maximum conversion.

Design of email templates

Our Design Studio develops design of email templates, given the thematic focus of the client’s work and the tasks putted before the template. Each of our work is an individual solution, tailored to the idea of your business.

What makes us differ?

  • we do not take an advance payment for our work
  • we save your time and do not send "garbage" for review
  • each work is checked personally by the director of Studio - Paolo Vetlucci
  • pay only if the work suits you on 100%

Development time and cost:

  • corporate or newsletter template: 2 working days, price is 75 €

Approval: we are sending the version of the email template to review and receiving your comments. Based on the comments received and selections, we make the necessary changes and resend the design template for approval.

Payment: according to the invoice, to the account of our Studio or to a card.

Transfer: sketches in High-Resolution quality are transmitted immediately on the day of full payment received.

Formats: sketches are sent in the formats JPG, PNG and PSD (source). It is also possible to send either, you need an additional format.

Here are some of our works on the design of email templates:

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