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Flyers is a modern variant of the common leaflet. The name "flyer" comes from the English word "fly", which means "flight". And in fact – they are literally "flying" passing from hand to hand and instantly spread among the thousands of your potential customers. A format that is compatible with the size of a postage envelope, led to the popularity of such advertising in address mailing (direct mail).

Bright in design and convenient in size, inexpensive in a manufacture flyers, have recently become the most popular printing product for various promotional and inventory campaigns. In addition, they serve as a kind of invitation cards for all kinds of events.

Leaflets are the most effective way is lightning fast, brief and informative to provide the necessary information and gain the attention of a potential customer. Advertising leaflets have a low production cost, while doing enormous advertising work for a minimum period. They are an integral part of every company interested in its promotion.

Depending on the tasks, the design of leaflets can be informational or promotion character, but always memorable. On how professionally submitted the material in the leaflet - depends on your success. Professional and thoughtful approach to the design of printing products – is one of the arguments, distinguish our Studio from all others.

Booklets - folded in two or more folds of the sheet of paper on both sides which is textual or graphic information. By its nature and purpose, booklets is an advertising leaflets with a compact of a flyers. At the same time, due to their folds, they are much more durable and are much more effective than leaflets and flyers.

Design Studio Paolo Vetlucci recommends the active use of promotional booklets, as an effective tool in the field of marketing. This format of advertising material allows you to have the most useful for your potential customer information: description of your activities, examples of products or services, the benefits of cooperation with you and contact details.

Development of flyers, leaflets and booklets

Our Design Studio develops flyers, leaflets and booklets of any stylistic complexity, given the thematic focus of the client’s work. Each of our work is an individual solution, tailored specifics and idea of your business.

What makes us differ?

  • we do not take an advance payment for our work
  • we save your time and do not send "garbage" for review
  • each work is checked personally by the director of Studio - Paolo Vetlucci
  • pay only if the work suits you on 100%

Development time and cost:

  • single-sided flyer: 2 working days, price is 75 €
  • double-sided flyer: 3 working days, price is 100 €
  • single-sided leaflet: 3 working days, price is 100 €
  • double-sided leaflet: 4 working days, price is 125 €
  • double-sided folded leaflet (with a turn): 4 working days, price is 150 €
  • booklet with three turns: 4 working days, price is 175 €
  • booklet with four turns: 4 working days, price is 200 €

Approval: we are sending the ordered variant of advertising material for review and receiving your comments. Based on the comments received and selections, we make the necessary changes and resend the layout of a flyer, leaflet or booklet for approval.

Payment: according to the invoice, to the account of our Studio or to a card.

Transfer: sketches in High-Resolution quality are transmitted immediately on the day of full payment received.

Formats: sketches are sent in the formats JPG, PNG, PDF and PSD (source). It is also possible to send either, you need an additional format.

Here are some of our works for flyers, advertising leaflets and booklets:

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