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Terminology of the name Landing Page absolutely precisely explains the functional purpose of this type pages - is to perform exactly the goal.

Depending on the company's tasks - the purpose of these pages can be several:

1. Selling a particular product or a spectrum of similar products or services

Development of landing page for sales of a particular product – is a powerful sales tool. Here colorfully describes all the advantages of this product, its distinctive features, superiority over competitors and, of course, the benefit of the client who decided to buy it. On the pages of such a site there is an obligatory order form, as well as detailed contact information of the seller.

2. Acquaintance of a potential buyer with a new product or service of the company

Creation of landings for acquaintance of clients with a new product or service brought to the market is a nice and competent solution that stimulates an increased interest in the product. Here is reported on the improved technical and operational qualities of the product (if it is a continuation of the product line), other innovations and advantages over the products of the closest competitors. On the pages of this lending there is a pre-order form, detailed information about the seller and the manufacturer of the goods.

3. Organization subscriptions to potential customers on news and events of the company

This type of landing page is designed to collect contact information from potential customers. The structure of such pages is that the client is willing to tell the seller your contact details by sending them through the appropriate form posted on the website. In the future, this contact information is used by the seller for various kinds of promotional mailings, newsletters about upcoming promotions and discounts or reports received contacts from the clients to the Call center for further calling. The advantage of these landing pages that customers voluntarily submit their contact information, agreeing to obtain from your company advertising information.

Landing pages - are, one of the most effective means of advertising and sales organization for today. And this is not surprising because through the use of targeted contextual ads – you get only the target customer and gets to the landing page, the maximum configured for the function built into it.

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