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Today the site is the primary means of communication between the seller and the customer. It is through the web site to a potential buyer comes information about your company, its distinctive features and benefits, product range and spectrum of your services. On a modern site with a thoughtful user interface and navigation is easy to find the desired information, as well as contacts and addresses for your company.

In addition, in recent years, the site has become almost the main tool for the formation of successful sales. Sites with a high level of usability (ease of use) and good unique content are excellent "friends" with search engines and are at the top of search results. This ensures coverage of the target audience, by orders exceeding the audience of specialized exhibition complexes, and often - of entire dealer chains.

All sites, regardless of their thematic matters are divided into 4 categories:

  • landing page
  • business card website
  • catalog website
  • online store

Each type of site from these categories performs its function.

Landing page is a single-page website, which clearly and concisely presents information about your company, advertised product or service. A distinctive feature of a landing page is that it consists of blocks scrolling down the page. Each of these blocks, motivates the client to commit a certain action, for the sake of which was created this landing page: request, call, order, buy. This call-to-action is very effective, because as the page scrolls, the user gets more and more arguments about the offered product or service, describes the strengths and advantages over competitors.

Properly created landing page is a very powerful sales tool. Many companies make such landing pages are in fact for each proposed product or service. This is very effective and with a minimum of costs, brings a colossal rise in sales to companies ordering properly designed, motivating to buy landings. Our studio has a huge experience in developing landings - with competent work with this tool, your sales can increase at times.

Business card website – is a solution for small companies, whose task is to provide basic information on their activities on the Internet. Also suitable for organizations with a minimum range of products or services. A business card website composed from 3 to 5 pages, which contains information about your company, examples of products or services provided and contact information with a feedback form.

Catalog website is designed for most industrial or commercial companies with a wide range of products or services. This kind of site has a habitual structure of displaying services and goods for most users and easily scales to any required volumes - from tens to thousands of commodity items.

With proper design of a catalog website is obtained the resource is easy to use, with an intuitive interface and excellent ability to convert a visitor into your customer. To ensure a high conversion rate of visitors – we recommend you only work with professionals in their field. So you will not lose your money spent on the advertising website on the Internet, but will, on the contrary, attract all new users. Studio Paolo Vetlucci offers its knowledge and experience to create your site by all modern requirements and trends.

Online store – is a website - catalog with integrated online payment and ordering through the "basket". In most cases, this functionality is easily "hung" on the existing site directory, requiring only some modifications from the developers.

Whichever version of the site you choose, remember: the most important is the ability of your website to make sales. Whether it will be by phone, via e-mail, through the "basket" or through a personal meeting with the client – it does not matter at all. Importantly, that the site brings you customers and does it correctly, providing a high conversion visitor => customer. We are here to help you with this.

Having a good website – don't forget about a banners. Placement of these graphic elements on the site allows you to significantly increase sales. Colorful, interestingly designed banners accentuate the visitor's attention, urging him to go over and read more detailed information on the offered product or service. We will gladly prepare you banners of various subjects, which will be an excellent additional sales tool for you.

Development of design of websites

Our Design Studio develops designs of websites of all four categories, given the thematic focus of the client’s work. Each of our work is an individual solution, tailored specifics and idea of your business.

What makes us differ?

  • we do not take an advance payment for our work
  • we save your time and do not send "garbage" for review
  • each work is checked personally by the director of Studio - Paolo Vetlucci
  • pay only if the work suits you on 100%

Development time and cost:

  • landing page (up to 4 screens): 3 working days, price is 200 € + 50 € each additional screen
  • business card website (up to 5 pages): 4 working days, price is 250 €
  • catalog website (up to 10 pages): 7 working days, price is 350 € + 25 € / each additional page
  • online store (up to 15 pages): 10 working days, price is 450 € + 25 € / each additional page

Approval: we are sending the version of each page for review and receiving your comments. Based on the comments received and selections, we make the necessary changes and resend the pages and banner for approval.

Payment: according to the invoice, to the account of our Studio or to a card.

Transfer: sketches in High-Resolution quality are transmitted immediately on the day of full payment received.

Formats: sketches are sent in the formats TIFF, JPG, PDF and PSD (source). It is also possible to send either, you need an additional format.

Here are some of our works on website layouts:

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