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Today, under the fierce competition, the company's reputation is one of the primary factors determining the prospects of cooperation. The company, with positive business reputation, always has superior chances of making deals.

To know the reputation of the potential contractor is especially important for those customers who previously did not have the experience of cooperation with it. And to secure yourself before making advance payments is the duty of the management of any company that does not want to play roulette with destiny.

Monitoring the reputation of a company with which you are going to start cooperation with the help of the world famous and popular service Web of Trust (WOT or abbreviated) - is literally in automatic mode. It is enough to install a special extension in your computer or phone browser visually showing the reputation of each company on the site of which you are visiting.

This decision is based on ratings and reviews of the websites of the companies whose customers they are. To date, the extension has been installed already more than 140 000 000 users around the world.

Each of the users who have installed this extension has the opportunity to vote directly from the website of the company – putting the rating and leaving their review. Received data is automatically stored on the servers of the WOT service, without the possibility of their removal or corrections on the part of site owners.

Based on the ratings and reviews left by users, formed the reputation index of the company's website. This index has two criteria – the Index of trust and the Index of safety for children.

Both indexes have a four color display option:

  • Green WOT indicator Green (means «Forward») – good reputation:

    If the company does its job well, fulfills what was promised, the site contains up-to-date and truthful information, there are no disguised malicious downloads and annoying advertisements, then with a high degree of probability, the company will regularly receive positive ratings. Sites of such companies usually enjoy a good reputation.

  • Yellow WOT indicator Yellow (means «Attention») - unsatisfactory reputation::

    It is possible that in the assessments of users there is a certain kind of conflict. This often happens. For example, one group of people may consider the company to be completely reliable, while the other expresses its apparent mistrust to it, this leads to mixed assessments, which in turn leads to the calculation of an unsatisfactory reputation. In some cases, an unsatisfactory rating may also be set as a warning. We help companies align their assessment, raising their reputation to a trustworthy "Green" level.

  • Red WOT indicator Red (means «Stop») - bad reputation::

    Faced with sites of companies that have a bad reputation, you should be very careful. According to users who rated this website in red, there can be no credibility to it, perhaps because of the company's fraudulent activities, non-fulfillment of obligations, or dissemination of false information. The vast majority of Internet users avoid visiting sites of companies with a bad reputation and prefer to use other - more reliable resources. We confine ourselves to the issue of helping to correct bad web reputation and do this solely after a detailed review of the reasons why the company received a bad reputation WOT index. If bad reputation is deserved without foundation (intrigues of competitors) – we correct it, improving its reliability rating.

  • Grey WOT indicator Grey (means «Unknown») - not enough ratings to compute reputation:

    Such sites of companies are not regarded as "reliable" or "unreliable". They have no reputation. About such sites or companies the Internet community is not yet known. Before starting the cooperation, you need to get familiarize in detail with the conditions of such firms. Most users are cautious in cooperation with such organizations, because they do not yet have business information. We help the websites of our clients' companies to obtain a primary positive reputation, so that potential consumers are located to cooperate with you.

Services of Design Studio Paolo Vetlucci within the Web of Trust service:

  • getting a primary positive reputation of the website
  • control and maintain a positive reputation of your company's website

What makes us differ?

  • we do not charge upfront for our work
  • the result is checked personally by the director of Studio - Paolo Vetlucci
  • pay only if the work suits you on 100%

The terms of services and cost:

  • obtaining a primary positive reputation: 2 working weeks, price is 150 € / website
  • control and maintain a positive reputation of your company's website: calendar month, price is 75 € / website

Demonstration of the result: on the page with the indexes of reputation of your site within the Web of Trust service.

Payment: according to the invoice, to the account of our Studio or to a card.

Here are some of our work on obtaining, controlling and maintaining the reputation of sites:

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