Websites - business cards have received a name due to their functional purpose - laconically, colorfully, but as informative as possible to represent your company on the Internet. This site is the business card of your company. By how professionally prepared site - business card – depends the number of calls to your company and the overall loyalty of the website visitors – your potential customers.

Sites of this type are well-suited for companies that provide services and other forms of business with a small assortment of products. In addition, the development of business card sites will be an excellent solution for state companies and various non-profit institutions.

The main function of a business card website – to inform in details the site visitor about your company, to acquaint with the conditions of cooperation, vividly present the company range of products or services, to highlight the obvious competitive advantages. Such sites are required to provide easy access to your company's contact information, as well as to have request forms for the product of interest.

A business card site is a balanced solution between one-page lending and a multi-page big catalog. You get a colorful and informative description of your company's activities, highlighting key features and advantages over competitors - all the basic opportunities of landing page. In addition, the business card website provides the client with exhaustive information about the services provided by your company or presents your nomenclature in the abstract, which makes it look like a catalog.

From the position of search engine optimization, a good site – business card allows you to successfully progress in search systems through the names of services or products – which cannot be achieved with single-page landing. However, the business card does not combine products or services by types, which excludes the possibility of search engine optimization of the site by category names - as it happens on the site - catalog.

Thus, a properly designed business card site is a golden section between a landing page and a catalog, which is perfect for companies with a small assortment of offered goods or services.

Our company will gladly create for you a business card website that will professionally represent the interests of your company on the Internet. Waiting for you among our regular customers. We wish you successful business!

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