Websites - catalogs received their name due to their functional features - to provide visitors with a detailed catalog of goods and services. This type of site is used by trading companies or manufacturers with a wide range of products.

A distinctive feature of the sites - directories is a convenient structured association of products by categories of a specific subject, which allows the user to find the desired product or service easily and simply. Also, the structure of the catalog allows you to manage the location of the company's goods, highlighting the most interesting and raising up the positions in high demand.

Professional development of a catalog website provides an excellent search engine optimization of the site. The catalog structure provides an opportunity for search promotion not only by the names of the products or services offered, but also by the category names in which your goods are combined - this provides a significant increase in the number of website visitors - your potential customers.

The main advantage of catalogs in comparison with other kinds of sites is the opportunity to offer the goods, sought by the client, the same type, but from the more expensive price category. This is achieved by the presence in one category of goods from different price niches, with the distinct and undeniable advantages of more expensive positions. Thus, a client who came to your site on a more budgetary position can significantly increase his budget for purchase, if the site - catalog is developed by knowledgeable in sales specialists.

Remember: your site is the face of your company on the Internet. How professionally it will be developed - depends the attitude of customers to your business, the desire to place their requests on it, take off the phone and call you in the office, making orders.

Entrust development of a catalog website to the Paolo Vetlucci company and we guarantee that you will not regret for a minute about your decision. We wish you every success in business and waiting for you among our regular customers!

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